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The Hungarian Labour Inspectorate is a central agency under the control of the minister of employment. – It’s  legal status, duties, and competences are defined by the Government Decree No 295/2006 (XII.23). on the Hungarian Labour Inspectorate.

Posting assignment, hiring-out of workers in the Hungarian law.

1. What do the concepts “posting assignments”, “hiring-out of workers” means in Hungarian law?

2. Employment conditions in Hungary for foreign person under posting assignments, and hiring-out of workers.

3. Employment conditions in EEA Member States of Hungarian persons under posting assignment, and hiring-out of workers.

4. Conditions of hiring-out of workers  and thier activities,

5. The determination of the law is to be applicable to employment in Hungary.

6. Hungarian labour law provisions to be applied in any case where an employee of a foreign employer is employed in the territory of the Republic of Hungary

7. Collective agreements,

8. Social security rules on posting assignments,

9. Labour inspections,

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Department of Labour Inspection (employment)
Department of Labour Inspection (OSH)
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