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Please be advised that the Ministry for National Economy of Hungary and the labour authorities under its professional guidance that carry out labour inspections (together hereinafter referred to as ’labour authority’) provide information under Subsection (3) of Section 7 of Government Decree No. 320/2014. (XII. 13.) on the designation of Public Employment Services and labour authorities and on the exercise of their
official authority and the performance of their other duties. According to the Decision No. 60/1992. (XI. 17.) of the Constitutional Court of Hungary and the Act CXXX of 2010 on legislation, the information given by the labour authority does not qualify as resolution, legal guidelines or legal advice in labour law matters. The information given reflects the professional opinion of the labour authority only. In case of any dispute, the competent court is not bound by the professional opinion of the labour authority. Questions which do not fall within the competence of the labour authority cannot be answered here. In these cases, the labour authority can only give information on the name of the competent authority if it can be identified from the question.


Please note that only questions concerning compliance with employment regulations (employment contracts, undeclared work, working time, wages etc.) can be answered here. If you have a question concerning occupational safety and health, please ask it here.





The protection of your personal data is highly important for the labour authority while providing information on labour regulations.

To contact us via e-mail you need to register on our website by giving your name, internet contact details and a password you choose. The handling of your personal data (name, e-mail address) is fully in compliance with the requirements of the websites of the central authorities in Hungary. Access to your personal data is strictly limited to the officials of the labour authority handling your question. The labour authority shall not give any of these data to third parties. The labour authority do not collect any other data (e.g. the software you use, the location of your login or your IP-address) during your registration.

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